Anno 1701

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Welcome! This wiki is dedicated to the game published years ago by Related Designs!

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Anno 1701 - General InformationEdit

Anno 1701 (1701 A.D. in USA) is a City Building and Simulation game from Related Designs and what was once Sunflowers Entertainment.
The game focuses on settling in a region of the New World, in the name of her Majesty, the Queen, or just following his/her business.
The game has an Expansion, the Sunken Dragon (German name: Der Flush der Drachen). It features volcanoes, quests, and a new, shiny, main campaign.

So, this wiki will take all those information and put it in a Site!
The game also got an inside F1 feature that will show pretty much what is here. However, the wiki got more or less info and is lightweight compiled.